Wait Wait Wait

So here I am waiting PATIENTLY for these guys to come back and buy my camper.

They were to be here at 3pm.They even had me take the for sale signs off it.

Now it is 3:50pm and they are not answering their phone.

Like really? WTF is it with ppl from craigslist?

I have NEVER done this to anyone when I look at something.Either I tell them yes or no right there and buy it.

So annoying.


Feeling Crazy

Woke up today feeling disorientated. I do not know what it is about me.

What makes up me:

1.must have justice no matter what.

2.I do not give up until there is nothing more to be done about something.

3. I focus on 1 thing at a time although I have been known to juggle up to 4 things at a time.

4. One of my traits is this sense of urgency. Say I run out of milk. I then think about it all day,thinking when I should go out and get said milk.Then I feel anxious.Will the store close soon? Should I go now? That means I would have to get dressed to go out in society.What shall I wear? What has my hair morphed into? What boots should I wear? Will the power go out while I am gone? Do I have enough gas in the car? Everything that comes to mind needs to be done asap. I feel pressured to get it done right away.This goes on all day. Sometimes 4 or 5 things a day freak me out. Something as small as going to the doctor 2 minutes away builds so much anxiety,then I’m stuck at the door,afraid to open it and leave.

5.The Night.  I don’t know if it is all the jobs I held working nights in my life,but I am up all night. I hate the daytime. There is too much gong on and it stresses me. I will be up until 7am still not able to sleep. When I do, it is for 4-5 hrs and not straight through. This time schedule fks me up for any appointments I have that day. Usually I end up calling and saying I got a flat tire or that I have no ride.

6.My name.  I really hate my name. I can’t even say it out loud. I never had any friends with the same name,so I never had to say it. I like the name Sophia.

7.What is inside me does not match my outside. Been this way forever. My inside person is a girl with long legs and long straight brown hair and skinny,who is full of adventure and still not all grown up. Who also has a lot of fun. The outside me is fat ugly and I just cannot understand how people can even look at me. My voice is deep from smoking.

8.Since the age of 8, for whatever reason, I have loved the woods.Yes, we went camping a lot as a family.But it is beyond that. Living in the woods has ALWAYS been with me. So the past 54 years of living n society in cities, doing city things,you can imagine how uncomfortable I feel.

9.Treating myself. I don’t feel worthy to treat myself. I feel guilty if I buy a shirt or shoes.Eating at a restaurant is unheard of.

10. I am a loner to a certain point. After a few weeks or so,I need contact with someone.Even if just for an hour.

11.My work ethic- I work on something until it is done. I am not allowed to eat, sleep,or do anything until it is done. My reward is I will eat ,sleep or whatever when it is finished.This has always been the rule.I would probably die if I leave something unfinished.It is not in my dna.

12. Friends- I have few friends. I do not like crowds.The people I consider my friends are golden.I try to treat them always with respect and compassion.I try not to anger them.I love helping them.

13.I have mixed emotions about hunting. I would NEVER hunt for sport.Strictly for food only if there is nothing else around. While I hate the thought of killing an animal ever,I can do so if I had to,which I have done in the past. I would rather kill a person over an animal,especially if that person is harming a cat or a dog.Just last night I watched a movie called Bad Bubby and this guy was warped due to his mother. He took plastic wrap and wrapped his cat up and it died. I had such an episode of sadness and was freaking out.He did the same to his parents and I had no emotion about it at all.

14.I have always wanted to join the service.Just to fly helicopters.That’s it. That’s all I wanted to do. I never believed in the military,just as I never really believe in Catholic school and church growing up. So many adults have lied to me.I do not believe in government either. Yes I was raised to respect authority,but when your own cop dad beat you every single day,you sort of lose that respect for authority.

15. I have the most insane dreams and nightmares a person can have.

16.Depression- or as they used to call it- Melancholy. Feeling useless, worthless,feeling not alive. All the time, I look around and try to sort out if I am really a live person or is everything just a dream and I died a long time ago.Is this real? Or am I watching someone else live thru all this?

17. I used to care. More than a lot.About people close to me. If I heard my mom wasn’t feeling well,I would focus on her sickness until it went away.I worried about people in my family when they drove somewhere, hoping they would be all right. It used to consume me. Then when people, one by one, drew away from me,and did things to me, I slowly abandoned the caring. It went away. And I feel numb to it now.

18.I was raised what you call a tomboy. And still am to this day. I found out boys always had more fun than girls at a very early age. I hated barbie dolls,even while people kept giving them to me as gifts. I was more interested watching my brothers blow up army tanks with firecrackers and playing manhunt and wiffle ball.

19.Pets- My God I miss ALL my pets. I think of them all the time. They were all innocent creatures that never did harm to anyone.I was the delegated person in my family to be there with them when they died,and I was the one to hold a service for them at their burial.Except for Tiffany who was dragged down the hallway at the 6 mile cypress shelter to her doom in front of us. I hate those people with a passion.

20.Fishing- You won’t find a more avid fisherperson than me. I catch my own bait. I spend hours making bait nets. I was usually found repairing my cast nets.I don’t like to eat fish really.If I had to I would,but I would give the fish away or throw them back.

21.Gardening- The world of peacefulness is found in gardening.I guess because the garden doesn’t move,and I can manipulate it to how I want it.Planting,trimming,arranging,creating paths…. Then the most exciting-building ponds.Can’t even describe it. A couple of years ago I made my own firepit.I cooked on that thing a lot. Also sat in front of it watching the flames…

22.When I was younger I drove like a maniac.I would drive to massachusetts just to get a newspaper. I would drive to pennsylvania just to go bowling. My favorite drive was to Bear Mountain along rt 9W from Jersey.I would find every excuse to drive somewhere.



McDonalds Fort Myers

SO,ordered a large coffee at the drive thru a few nights ago…

I get the coffee which is ice cold. And notice the tab has been pulled back.

It could have spilled all over me and the car, not that is was hot at all, BUT who here knows what it smells like when you spill milk in your car?

Anyway, the tab being pulled back sent up an alarm. Why did the guy pull it open in the first place?

Dide he do it as a courtesy? Did he take a sip? The guy looked like he just left prison.

Would you drink that? Remember it was cold also.

This stuff happens all too frequently in the U.S.

It is bad enough they offer food that is bad for you, but come on.

Do we really have to take this unprofessional crap everywhere we go?

It’s not free. We are paying for this.And also their salaries.

People on Craigslist for RV

People emailing me for the RV I have for sale….

I should be there at 4pm-William Hunt


hi sir my name is Bob I would love to buy your vehicle im the father of the young man that was struck by lightning on the beach back in July last year don’t have a ton of money they just repossessed one of our cars but our sons with us so I guess that’s worth a million bucks I was wondering if you’d be willing to take payments on this that’s the only way me and my family could purchase this I would hope that you would be willing to do that if not I understand and God bless you and you guys have a great weekend thank you very much


I would love to take a look at this tomorrow if you still have it!


Darcie Shedd~Feller


George Paniagua 11/27/15

That is good.

See you then


looking for a home.  getting too old to work and no retirement plan…..didn’t expect to be divorced at this time of my life.

any way would like to come and see your unit and if it will fit into my life plan.

thank you Susan Santavicca

It’s a bit of an unorthodox trade but I’m looking for a RV someone would donate or let go cheap in exchange for ad space on a cross country tour this spring. I’m undertaking a trip to all of the locations in the Johnny Cash “I’ve Been Everywhere Man” song.  The trip consists of over 120 cities in 7 countries for a total of 20,000+ miles.   I will be covering the trip through traditional and social media, video, and advertising.  I would promote a business or cause of your choice and advertise it heavily on the trip.  If this a possibility or you might like to discuss it further please let me know.  Thanks for your time.



Hello,I was curious, about the engine needing a Tune Up? Can you describe what the engine rebuild entailed?

Is there a heating section in the Wall AC unit? Is there any type of Generator or alternative Power source?Is the Milage correct?

Thanks Jim from Cape Coral


I would like to come see your rv. Please call me312961721-Nina


Closers to 5 since I work nights and need to sleep in the morning,  unless you want to do it at 7 am tomorrow after I finish working  , let me know thanks  Sergio Rodriguez


I am extremely interested! is it still available? i can come this weekend

Adriana Granados

My name is Ken and I am interested in your Dodge RV for sale. I would like to look at it at your convenience. Feel free to contact me anytime at 239.247.. Thank you, Ken

am very interested in your RV. Do you have a number where you can be reached? Would love to take a look at it, have cash. Thank you  Libby smith

My name is Chris. I am interested in talking with you about the Dodge Sportsman.Does it have another bedroom beside the area above the drivers seat? If so, please let me know when I might be able to get a look and make you an offer.

Valerie Gaglione Please call 239 253  very interested

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you damn phone. Anyway. I will be in San Carlos park area tomorrow around 3. Will that work? Chris Lukowiak

Does it still run ?  How is transmission ?   Why  was the motor replaced or reconditioned?  Is it true mileage ? Please give me your phone # .   D Mocnik

Hi i am interested in the trailer.if you could tell me a time and date to see the trailer.vilma

I’m interested in buying ur rv please contact me my name is Jax Ashlee Reed

Tracy Jan 10 Will you take 500 down and 200 a month

I am writing to you about your dodge sportsman 1977 that you have for sale for $2900. My family is very interested in buying you rv. If you could please get in contact with us we would really appreciate it. Our numbers are or my email is the one in emailing you from. I look forward to hearing from you. My name is Heather my husband’s name is Yovany.

Hey there! Just wondering if this rv is still available. Thank you in advance! Dan Logan

I could offer you 1500.00 cash plus Desktop computer with I7, 8g Ram, ATI Graphics that was 1400.00 new runs perfect, don’t have cash right now. GWest

Hi my name is Rob, if you have nobody interested I do have 2000 cash..you can give me a call 239-887-

Hi, does the camper have a water tank and as holding tank? How big is the holding tank if there is one? Thank you Chuck Vinnedge

Is it gas or diesel?What is the total length of the motorhome? M Wilson


iam interested my phone number 239 77 call me please belkis velasquez

67 chevy pickup c 10 sis 292 3 on the floor hurst 50’s on back 239 209 10 trade…

Do you still have the motor home? Call Steve 239-250-

im interested contact me i have some questions for you my names paul and my number is 81368

I am interested in the camper.  When do you plan on moving?Drew Vogal

Im interested in your RV, possibly able to come view it this weekend, just wondering if it is drivable now as i would bring it over to fort lauderdale straight away, or does the carb need attention asap, also is everything else in working order eg propane/electric, is there any leaks in the roof ? is the fridge propane and electric 12/ 110v ? all water pumps working,would just like to find out as much about it as possible as i would be living/driving it straight away !regards kieran954 504

If you still have RV please give me a call at 239 201 terri garza

I’m very interested. If I pick it up will it drive with out breaking down to Miami? Vanessa

Thanks ! May I have your cell number? My brother is Ben Johnson and he will call and coordinate to see it.  Are you around today ? Cherrah’


This is everyday…    everyone talks no one walks away with the rv.  Continue reading People on Craigslist for RV

Annoying little things in Life

1. TV channels that PUT THEIR LOGOS all over the bottom right of the screen and sometimes on the left bottom.How can you watch Ghost Adventures when you can’t read their text onscreen or see what they are pointing out when the screen has logos all over it covering it up? This is going on  with almost every channel on tv. We pay $65 to dish network each month to watch partial shows due to this. Not very entertaining.


2. The captchas-Seriously, how many times have you not been able to read the scrawled letters? How many times have you had to search for a readable one?


3.Forums and pages that allow you to post and THEN tell you to sign up or log in,thereby losing your message you just typed?


4.Products on tv that say GET ANOTHER ONE FREE! Just pay SEPARATE PROCESSING! You know what that means….


5.Big names like YAHOO who have completely destroyed their email service and home page thereby having over 3 million people complain,and they don’t even take any time to address what’s going on.


6.Paying Dish Network $65 a month to watch reruns,tons of infomercials and sports channels.Wow,what a great deal yes?

7. The number of tv reality shows-Let’s face it.. I don’t think theres much more they can actually make a show out of,except maybe transvestites daily lives ,or putting a webcam on their dog and following it through the house each day.

8.You literally cannot make a LEFT TURN in Fort Myers,Florida.You can’t. You have to make a right drive 3 miles, make a left somewhere,that ALLOWS u turns,drive back 3 miles and then make a right.

9.You have long distance in yer century link phone bundle.U NEVER use long distance,yet you MUST pay a fee of $3.66 a month for long distance? Hmmm..

10.Walking into a Publix supermarket and seeing their bread that cost $1.39 is NOW $1.50.

11.1% McArther MILK costs 8.48 a gallon in Publix.Same milk $3.79 in CVS.

Continue reading Annoying little things in Life

1977 Dodge Sportsman for Sale

Dodge for sale   <—— click for vid





Selling this rv   1977 Dodge Sportsman looks and runs great!    asking $2500  Florida

Very Well Kept RV—Motor redone.46k Miles-440 4-barrel,strong engine. Tires are like new.New hardwood flooring.New awning never used.No generator Nice inside with everything you need to camp or live in.Runs well.
2 Air Conditioners,Refrigerator/Freezer,Kitchenette,Shower,Bathtub,Toilet,Sinks,Bed top cab,and table folds down into bed. Sleeps 4. Electric and Propane. Hot water tank.30 Amp.Solid door.Lots of storage.

Needs speedometer cable fixed, Carb adjustment,and a tuneup. bath floor needs plywood replaced. Has a Clear Title.

$2500 CASH


comment here if interested



So my friend’s  facebook was hacked by a Lisa Ni in Hong Kong this morning who thinks she is a model.She took her account and also took her email address. Since facebook doesn’t seem to care,and they only want her pic ID or passport and her personal info ( so they can identify her?)I got rid of Lisa Ni for her. Then on to Microsoft, jumping through hoops to resecure her email address. You are NOT safe on Facebook. Not only does 1 man have EVERYONE’S personal info, but if they wanted to really secure your acct, they would not allow someone from HONG KONG to change all your info on an account from the UNITED STATES.

About me

Simple person who likes simple things. Dream of building and living in a cabin in the woods will never end.I don’t deal with religion,politics,or any social garbage that is destroying our country.

I say live and let live and don’t push your shit on me.

The world is too big for me to deal with,so I stay in my own little world.

Live Daily