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Nah that's ok

Seneca 100’s Experience

So these cigarettes went on sale 2 weeks ago so if you buy 3 they cost $3.24. each. I started getting pain on the roof of my mouth, coughing my head off, and soreness on the sides of my mouth. At one point 2 nights ago, I couldn’t breathe in and it woke me up.

Something similar to this happened around 2 yrs ago.


So Yesterday I got my 305 100’s.They would not accept a pack I had left of the Senecas.

Last night all the symptoms were gone. Today all gone.

Something is going on with those Senecas. Looking at their low price,I believe they are making these cigarettes with the worst crap that is lying around on the floor.


Just a little heads up for you smokers out there.


Both Seneca and 305 100’s are sold at the Circle K stores.




Take me away from the prison of society and into the forest of solitude.(Susan King Quote)
I can’t see the forest through the bullshit of society (susan king quote)
I have just as much right to live in peace as the forest has the right to grow. (Susan King quote)
the mountains soothe me while society kills me(Susan King quote)
Ah but to see the raindrop on a leaf in the forest,there is no better thing.(Susan King quote)
I’d rather work hard in the mountains for myself than in society for the man.(Susan King quote)
Life is short.I have the right to spend it any way I choose(Susan King quote)
God gave me this life.Not lawyers,judges,politicians,nor government.Therefore I will live it the way God sees it. (Susan King quote)
I’d rather hunt my own food then be a car salesman any day (Susan King quotes)
I would choose to grow my own chickens than eat a nugget at McDonald’s (Susan King quote)
Fashion is for those who try to impress others.(Susan King quote)
My alarm clock is the sun,not a thing made in taiwan. (Susan King quote)
And when man destroys himself,I’ll be in my bunker in the forest (Susan King quote)
I’d be happier in a cardboard box than in a mansion (Susan King quote)
Stop harming our pets, kill yourselves instead (to the owners of dogs for fights) (Susan King quote)
God owns all the land,we just borrow a piece until we die (Susan King quote)
One tree to another coughing harshly,”There go the humans again” (Susan King quote)
Fish thank God for another day while underwater (Susan King quote)
While I have never met God in body form, someone has to be credited for creating the earth. (Susan King quote)
Every commercial on TV causes tourette’s in me (Susan King quote)
Living in the mountains means not having to hear honks,police sirens,screams,politicians,celebrities,the word NO, and put some pants on! (Susan King quote)
Precious forest in all it’s majesty, take me away from the evil of society (Susan King quote)
People won’t wake up from society’s nightmare until Starbucks shuts down (Susan King quote)
Hell on earth is when someone opens their mouth spewing yet more shit (Susan King quote)
You can take all I own,but you can’t take my breath or my dreams. (Susan King quote)
Today is Make a Friend with a Deer Day (Susan King quote)
You can’t take your luxuries with you when you die,but you CAN take piece of mind.(Susan King quote)
Serenity is broken by that overdue bill in the mail (Susan King quote)
Society puts fear in your life every day wondering what you will have to eat or how will you see in the dark, or what will entertain you,or where you will live,or how will you get somewhere. The forest just sits each day and night wondering who will come along to enjoy it. (Susan King quote)
If people were disconnected from their phones,pcs for one day,Chaos would ensue. (Susan King quote)
People used up all the air in society.Time to breathe the forest air. (Susan King quote)
From the day you are born,you are identified by those hands and feet ink stamps. That’s where your downhill begins.(Susan King quote)
Give me a seed and I’ll raise a crop. Give me some leather and I’ll make a shoe. Give me hell and I will destroy you. (Susan King quote)
Society = body and mind in prison Mountains = body and mind in freedom (Susan King quote)

Now I feel better.

LOL Problem with car

So…. whining and tapping… Look on you tube and it is an alternator decoupler pulley part.Whic has ball bearings in it and is probably shredded. So.. the part is $40,and to put it in cost $600!  LMAO….   no thanks. I will do it myself….  it will take like 6 hrs the vid said due to a very stubborn screw on the compressor that has to be taken off. Gee  looking forward to it! Have to replace belt while I am at it.




Yes. Once again the social security office felt like it’s time to bully me again. First they took away my SSI, then my Medicaid. Now they say I owe them 210.00.FK YOU BULLY.

I am surviving on SHIT. And now you want me to survive on less than shit,after what you have done to me?





UPDATE: All is stable again.Took 5 phone calls and 1 bitch to tell me that they don’t even confirm what is going on with a person.They assume,and just stop everything.

Wish I can do that with some of the bills I have….


So, someone started this huge scam with this vhs tape from Disney,and some people actually bought this video for 5k. WOW! Can you say GULLIBLE? Check out ebay and check the highest prices first. 1 mill! 80k! 60k!  What the hell is wrong with society,I always ask myself. Being as I already learned to hate society at a very very early age… I am armed with so many reasons,that it is sort of a hobby with me.

People will continue to rip people off,as long as there is a sucker born every minute. 

Me? I will hold on to my vhs Beauty and the Beast video.

Sort of the same thing occurred way back when with the Song of the South VHS video.

My father spent many days making copies of that video and made the covers and everything and sold them for $60 each. LOL!


Crazy world



OBrien Mazda of Fort Myers Colonial Blvd ARE SCAMMERS.

Today I get in the car to go to the doctors.

Battery is DEAD in a 2007 Dodge Caliber I bought at OBRIEN MAZDA in APRIL of this YEAR.

They say oh well. It is a 3 yr old piece of shit battery with corroded terminals.

I leave the dealership after the idiot jump started the car. Now the ENGINE LIGHT STAYS ON.

I buy a battery and have the engine light tested and it says Transmission fail.

Then on the way home, the left side windshield washer stops working.

Then I get into the driveway and my driver side window won’t go up or down. IT IS STUCK IN THE DOOR.

I am paying a loan for this piece of SHIT. And it says to pay it OFF FULLY will cost 23k LMAO!!!!   Are they fking serious???!!!

The dealer will NOT replace the battery,find out what is wrong with the fking engine light,OR fix the window.

SO now what??

I got the piece of SHIT supposedly “AS IS”

and now I am stuck with the fking thing.