Hey There!

Glad you can make it to my site! 

I am so happy you stopped by!

I reside in Fort Myers,Florida.Been here since 1993.The past 2 years I shuffled from one place to another. My goal is to eventually own a small log cabin up north a ways.Right now I love to observe absurdity,and the things as a citizen in this crazy country I was born in.I have a 13 yr old cat called Lightning,which,really doesn’t suit her at the moment as she is extremely overweight.

I love fishing, camping, hunting, hiking,building things,classic cars,gardening,landscaping,animals,writing,reading,and traveling.There is way more to me than that. But you would have to hang out with me to learn more.

I love adventure.

For now, I am happy to be able to observe the world as it spins around,and I stay out of topics such as politics,religion,and overpaid actors.  I have not watched tv in 4 and a half yrs now. No need. I do watch movies online and certain tv shows though.

The walking dead-scorpion,NCIS,criminal minds,the 100,deadliest catch,kevin can wait,paranormal shows,diy shows that aren’t lame.And some others.To see them all, you will have to check out my facebook page.


I will write more when I have time.






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