Seneca 100’s Experience

So these cigarettes went on sale 2 weeks ago so if you buy 3 they cost $3.24. each. I started getting pain on the roof of my mouth, coughing my head off, and soreness on the sides of my mouth. At one point 2 nights ago, I couldn’t breathe in and it woke me up.

Something similar to this happened around 2 yrs ago.


So Yesterday I got my 305 100’s.They would not accept a pack I had left of the Senecas.

Last night all the symptoms were gone. Today all gone.

Something is going on with those Senecas. Looking at their low price,I believe they are making these cigarettes with the worst crap that is lying around on the floor.


Just a little heads up for you smokers out there.


Both Seneca and 305 100’s are sold at the Circle K stores.