Take me away from the prison of society and into the forest of solitude.(Susan King Quote)
I can’t see the forest through the bullshit of society (susan king quote)
I have just as much right to live in peace as the forest has the right to grow. (Susan King quote)
the mountains soothe me while society kills me(Susan King quote)
Ah but to see the raindrop on a leaf in the forest,there is no better thing.(Susan King quote)
I’d rather work hard in the mountains for myself than in society for the man.(Susan King quote)
Life is short.I have the right to spend it any way I choose(Susan King quote)
God gave me this life.Not lawyers,judges,politicians,nor government.Therefore I will live it the way God sees it. (Susan King quote)
I’d rather hunt my own food then be a car salesman any day (Susan King quotes)
I would choose to grow my own chickens than eat a nugget at McDonald’s (Susan King quote)
Fashion is for those who try to impress others.(Susan King quote)
My alarm clock is the sun,not a thing made in taiwan. (Susan King quote)
And when man destroys himself,I’ll be in my bunker in the forest (Susan King quote)
I’d be happier in a cardboard box than in a mansion (Susan King quote)
Stop harming our pets, kill yourselves instead (to the owners of dogs for fights) (Susan King quote)
God owns all the land,we just borrow a piece until we die (Susan King quote)
One tree to another coughing harshly,”There go the humans again” (Susan King quote)
Fish thank God for another day while underwater (Susan King quote)
While I have never met God in body form, someone has to be credited for creating the earth. (Susan King quote)
Every commercial on TV causes tourette’s in me (Susan King quote)
Living in the mountains means not having to hear honks,police sirens,screams,politicians,celebrities,the word NO, and put some pants on! (Susan King quote)
Precious forest in all it’s majesty, take me away from the evil of society (Susan King quote)
People won’t wake up from society’s nightmare until Starbucks shuts down (Susan King quote)
Hell on earth is when someone opens their mouth spewing yet more shit (Susan King quote)
You can take all I own,but you can’t take my breath or my dreams. (Susan King quote)
Today is Make a Friend with a Deer Day (Susan King quote)
You can’t take your luxuries with you when you die,but you CAN take piece of mind.(Susan King quote)
Serenity is broken by that overdue bill in the mail (Susan King quote)
Society puts fear in your life every day wondering what you will have to eat or how will you see in the dark, or what will entertain you,or where you will live,or how will you get somewhere. The forest just sits each day and night wondering who will come along to enjoy it. (Susan King quote)
If people were disconnected from their phones,pcs for one day,Chaos would ensue. (Susan King quote)
People used up all the air in society.Time to breathe the forest air. (Susan King quote)
From the day you are born,you are identified by those hands and feet ink stamps. That’s where your downhill begins.(Susan King quote)
Give me a seed and I’ll raise a crop. Give me some leather and I’ll make a shoe. Give me hell and I will destroy you. (Susan King quote)
Society = body and mind in prison Mountains = body and mind in freedom (Susan King quote)

Now I feel better.


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