So, someone started this huge scam with this vhs tape from Disney,and some people actually bought this video for 5k. WOW! Can you say GULLIBLE? Check out ebay and check the highest prices first. 1 mill! 80k! 60k!  What the hell is wrong with society,I always ask myself. Being as I already learned to hate society at a very very early age… I am armed with so many reasons,that it is sort of a hobby with me.

People will continue to rip people off,as long as there is a sucker born every minute. 

Me? I will hold on to my vhs Beauty and the Beast video.

Sort of the same thing occurred way back when with the Song of the South VHS video.

My father spent many days making copies of that video and made the covers and everything and sold them for $60 each. LOL!


Crazy world




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