The price of a life in Fort Myers

I have been homeless since January 2015. I cannot afford the prices of the rentals here in Fort Myers. What is the price on my life? 1000? 1300? 

I am going through the worst depression ever in my life,on top of my health becoming worse and worse.

My doctors are in Fort Myers and I am in the woods of Punta Gorda

I have tried almost EVERY DAY now to get assistance. I am just a number and no one cares.

Soon my car will be my home. ALong with my 13 year old cat.

I have contacted Pres Obama,Senator Nelson,Hud,Low income housing,among the many agencies that I can find out there.

And I have nothing.

Where is all the money allocated to Fort Myers for low income housing?

Where did it all go? Why are people like me suffering? This has to change. 

This predicament destroys people’s mental health. I am sure some of the people in prison chose to go to prison in order to have a place to stay. I now know what people feel like when they are SO desperate,that they have to commit crimes.

I have not yet reached that level of insanity,but I am thisclose.

A 1 or 2 bedroom apt with a secure lock and low rent would change my entire life.

I would manage to eat somewhat healthy food.I will be able to get to my doctors.I will be more involved in the community. I will feel safe and happy for once.

But this seems like an impossible dream.

While others take for granted what they have, I watch as they get angry because they don’t have the latest sneakers, or the latest fashions, or the hottest car.

Step into my shoes for a week,and maybe they would be happy with what they have.

This is a world of the haves and have nots. My world consists of only need.

I exist on very little.I do not look my best as I cannot afford haircuts,or decent shoes.

I live on canned food. I don’t go anywhere.I can’t afford the gas. I can barely pay my car payment I was forced to get as my old Mazda was leaking tons of oil.

I don’t mind living in my car,but I am afraid for my cat Lightning, who I watched being born,and saved her from certain death. She has been the force behind me staying alive and not offing myself.  She will not survive in the heat of the car. 

I know I am one of millions of people who do not have a safe secure place to live.

And I know I did my best. I worked all my life,until I couldn’t work anymore. I raised 2 great kids. So I guess my job is done. I’m not needed anymore.

So what is the price of my existence? How much am I worth? 

Does it matter if I live or die? I am pretty sure it doesn’t.

No matter how hard I try to get help, it goes nowhere.I get no response from agencies.

I have given up,and am now just waiting for the end. 




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