Best thing a Company can do RIGHT NOW

With all the horrific problems with Comcast for YEARS ,NOW is the time for a company to SWOOP on in and Set up a service that costs about $35 to ALL RESIDENTIAL  and $45 to ALL COMMERCIAL businesses and TAKE OVER THE CABLE AND WIFI WORLD.

They would offer 1 PACKAGE.And it will give customers GOOD SERVICE.

Everyone wins.

But no, the monopoly the cable companies have right now seems firmly planted in our universe. I am wondering where this 1 person is to boot all the cable co. out and come in with a smashing low price and intelligent and on the ball techs? Is it really that impossible?  

Dish is useless also.Century link is another company that loves to add fees and force bundles,and when disaster happens to you,they charge you $200 in early cancellation fees. Seriously.


Someone please come save the people. I’ll even volunteer to work for you.


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