Yahoo keeps fking up

First they started with allowing an ex google employee take over Yahoo.The woman basically destroyed yahoo mail and everything associated with it.Millions of complaints came in and Yahoo did nothing about it.They also added those stupid damn ads on your  email page.

Then to screw up even further,they eliminated the boxes on the front page of yahoo that you used to be able to swipe them from left to right to find something interesting to read.Now you have to click down a lame column to find news.After you find something and click on it, and read it,you want to go back to the coloumn.Well, then you end up at the TOP of the column again and have to scroll down to find out where you left off.

Seriously yahoo,give it up.

I can do a much better job organizing yahoo than what this twit has done to it.

She really needs to get a job at a laundromat.


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