A Pet Peeve

Okay, so you are sitting there watching a movie. The volume is low and you put your speakers up as high as u can to hear what the characters are saying. All of a sudden, there comes  LOUD BLARING MUSIC in the movie. After your ears stop ringing,you see the characters lips move and ONCE AGAIN, you have to put the volume way up.

WHY do moviemakers DO THIS? Seriously! It ruins the whole damn movie. Props that fall or make sounds are also BLARING.

Like WTF people? Do they not watch their movie and see how utterly annoying this is?

I have turned off a few movies due to this. Maybe they were really good, but I’ll never know,because I don’t feel like adjusting the whole movie all the way through.

Let me know if this occurs for anyone else or am I just in another world?


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