McDonalds Fort Myers

SO,ordered a large coffee at the drive thru a few nights ago…

I get the coffee which is ice cold. And notice the tab has been pulled back.

It could have spilled all over me and the car, not that is was hot at all, BUT who here knows what it smells like when you spill milk in your car?

Anyway, the tab being pulled back sent up an alarm. Why did the guy pull it open in the first place?

Dide he do it as a courtesy? Did he take a sip? The guy looked like he just left prison.

Would you drink that? Remember it was cold also.

This stuff happens all too frequently in the U.S.

It is bad enough they offer food that is bad for you, but come on.

Do we really have to take this unprofessional crap everywhere we go?

It’s not free. We are paying for this.And also their salaries.


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