So my friend’s  facebook was hacked by a Lisa Ni in Hong Kong this morning who thinks she is a model.She took her account and also took her email address. Since facebook doesn’t seem to care,and they only want her pic ID or passport and her personal info ( so they can identify her?)I got rid of Lisa Ni for her. Then on to Microsoft, jumping through hoops to resecure her email address. You are NOT safe on Facebook. Not only does 1 man have EVERYONE’S personal info, but if they wanted to really secure your acct, they would not allow someone from HONG KONG to change all your info on an account from the UNITED STATES.


One thought on “FACEBOOK Hacked”

  1. And FB still doesn’t get it. Citizens of the world need SECURITY measures for THEIR personal INFORMATION. Not some fly by night security that makes us have to remember stupid crap. And security that refuses to check from what location the hacker is hacking from. All those billions of dollars MZ has, could be put to use securing something that he allowed so many people to enter. I think it should be as secure as microsoft accts and paypal accts. The only 2 I trust.


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