Annoying little things in Life

1. TV channels that PUT THEIR LOGOS all over the bottom right of the screen and sometimes on the left bottom.How can you watch Ghost Adventures when you can’t read their text onscreen or see what they are pointing out when the screen has logos all over it covering it up? This is going on  with almost every channel on tv. We pay $65 to dish network each month to watch partial shows due to this. Not very entertaining.


2. The captchas-Seriously, how many times have you not been able to read the scrawled letters? How many times have you had to search for a readable one?


3.Forums and pages that allow you to post and THEN tell you to sign up or log in,thereby losing your message you just typed?


4.Products on tv that say GET ANOTHER ONE FREE! Just pay SEPARATE PROCESSING! You know what that means….


5.Big names like YAHOO who have completely destroyed their email service and home page thereby having over 3 million people complain,and they don’t even take any time to address what’s going on.


6.Paying Dish Network $65 a month to watch reruns,tons of infomercials and sports channels.Wow,what a great deal yes?

7. The number of tv reality shows-Let’s face it.. I don’t think theres much more they can actually make a show out of,except maybe transvestites daily lives ,or putting a webcam on their dog and following it through the house each day.

8.You literally cannot make a LEFT TURN in Fort Myers,Florida.You can’t. You have to make a right drive 3 miles, make a left somewhere,that ALLOWS u turns,drive back 3 miles and then make a right.

9.You have long distance in yer century link phone bundle.U NEVER use long distance,yet you MUST pay a fee of $3.66 a month for long distance? Hmmm..

10.Walking into a Publix supermarket and seeing their bread that cost $1.39 is NOW $1.50.

11.1% McArther MILK costs 8.48 a gallon in Publix.Same milk $3.79 in CVS.


One thought on “Annoying little things in Life”

  1. This was taken from my other blog acct I made a couple of years ago.Since then, I have not watched tv in 2 years, nor have I paid any company for cable or phone. And yes, the reality shows have gotten worse since then. And NO.. you still can’t make a left turn in Florida.

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